happy happy friday.  it’s gonna be a great day.  i am officially back to my old self.  now, where was i?  a week ago, i was attempting the HAPPINESS PROJECT.  and then i lost my focus, my energy, my health, everything.  and i do that for 4-7 days, exactly once a month.  if you know what i mean, can i hear an amen?

so, if you are hit with the plague every month, like i am, how do you do anything consistently?  i was coming home, curling up on the couch, and putting a pillow over my head, waiting for bedtime.

and of course, the second i came out of it, i went on a shopping spree.  i bought new awesome jeans, a couple things for the loft, it’s like a rebirth every month.  and not in a good way, people.  there was a time, probably, when i welcomed a little drama in my life.  now?  sono contento.  sempre contento.  okay, well in italian, contento means happy.  but you know what i mean.

i like that the word happy, in italian, sounds like content.  maybe it should be called the CONTENTMENT PROJECT.

so, just to recap, my list for january is as follows:

1. slow down

2. eat healthy

3. exercise

4. organize

5. be kind to yourself

so far, #3 ~ epic failure.  that’s okay.  just get it figured out.  that’s all.  then for the rest of the year, you’ll have a plan and will stick to it.  i did do some wonderful research on yoga/pilates studios and found out that they are ridiculously expensive.  BUT, if you join a community center, classes are super cheap!  my plan is to join a community center that’s on the way to jewell, maybe even in liberty, so that i’ll get up there and do something for myself, before i start the day.  sounds good to me!

i have been forced to slow down because i have felt horrible the last week.  and i had to also be kind to myself about that.  nothing i could do.  organizing and eating healthy?  not bad!

it’s almost the middle of the month and my plan, as school starts next week, is to really amp up my focus on that list.

also, i just bought a book called “10 MINDFUL MINUTES” by one of my all-time favorite actors ~ goldie hawn!!!  i hope to find some nuggets of truth in there as well.

good stuff!!!

and later…

okay, obviously everyone should feel very sorry for me.  i’ve been updating the appearance of my blog for an hour now, watching “you’ve got mail” and sipping coffee.  still in my jammies.  at 11:30.  the next time i complain about the stress of my life, SLAP ME.

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