nothin’ but toxic.

trying not to be, but every fiber of my being is blech, icky, poo poo.  i need a come-to-jesus.  my blog, ergo, my thoughts, are both embarrassing right now.  i’ve been reading this blog that my friend sharoni introduced me to, called “” ~ and it is so awesome.  i love this woman.  she makes me feel even worse about the content of my blog, which is a good, eye-opening thing.  she’s a great writer and has so much insight and inspiration pouring through every entry.

me?  i can’t even figure out how to add a list of blogs and websites i love.  i also can’t clean the kitchen, or get any laundry done, and i’m trying to knit, but can’t purl.  can’t, can’t, can’t…

i know i’m just being a “debbie downer” so i won’t write too much.  i just hope i can get healthy again, inside and out.  in the meantime, i’m in my jammies, watching chocolat, too cranky to make lunch, too lazy to do anything about this mood i’m in…


2 thoughts on “nothin’ but toxic.

  1. God bless you so much, darlin’. I feel better since you texted me down the other day, but I feel your battle against toxicity. I’ve resorted to telling God the best I’ve got for Him is yelling at Him with my ugly, petty soul and I hope He will accept that as prayer. Feels like He is. I love you – in a not ugly, petty way!

  2. you are so brilliant, sharoni!!! you have no idea! i think god is totally okay with the yelling. i spent years going, “i know. you’re right. i know, god. yes. i hear you. i agree. okay.”
    he’ll take whatever communication we are capable of. even dangling participles!!!!

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