last day of jan.

uh oh.  it’s the last day of the first month of the HAPPINESS PROJECT and i have never been so out of balance, so cranky, so crappy, in general.  i did uphold one thing:  i did organize.  i still need to organize much more.  that will continue.  and i did order P90X which, honestly, i don’t think i’ve ever been so excited about an exercise plan.  i cannot wait to get it.  i hope i get it today so i can start it on the first of feb, making an exact 90 days till may 1st, when my body shall be rocking.  even if it’s not, though?  who cares.  it’s going to rock my world.  i know it.

i’m actually trying to get my “affairs in order” before it gets here.  hilarious.  i’m working to get everything organized and my inbox cleaned up, so i can get up at 7:00 (i know, that’s so late for mommies) and use my morning for this workout, rather than e-mail catchup time.  and there will still be time after that for blogging.

i have to say ~  i think the comments that are sent on this blog (sharon, momma) are more beautiful and profound than anything i have been writing as of late.  so thank you for providing, ladies!

yesterday, i was a zombie.  the day wore on me.  i drank too much caffeine to get through the day, and then i just felt wired and tired all at once.  i’m glad i made it through and woke up this morning really feeling good.  rested.  there are breaks in my schedule today, and i have some music that i need to learn very quickly.  so i am calling today “me day”.  me me meeeeee.

oh no, they can’t take that away from meeeeeeeee.

must get in shower and get out of house.  even though it was empty drivel, i feel good that i blogged today.  someday i will write wise things again…

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