P90X day one.  ugh.  didn’t even make it through the 58 minute workout.  but i really liked it!  i felt defeated by it, and now that i’ve had a few hours to contemplate my depression over the whole thing, i now feel excited to work and push myself until i CAN make it through the workout. of course, that was one video.  tomorrow is a … Continue reading monday.


did the p90x fit test and barely passed.  omg.  i’m THAT out of shape?  oy.  but YOU try doing jumping jacks for 2 whole minutes! it’s kinda hard. so yesterday was ash wednesday, signifying the beginning of LENT.  i didn’t grow up in a church that celebrated (for lack of a better word) the lenten fast or ash wednesday or fat tuesday, for that matter. … Continue reading thursday.


happy ash wednesday?  are you supposed to wish people that?  i’ve been lying on the couch this morning, reading the “required reading” for p90x.  so far, this workout program is HIGH MAINTENANCE.  i don’t have half the equipment they want me to have.  i don’t have a heart rate monitor or a scale or pictures of myself in a sports bra.  i have to get … Continue reading wednesday.


SNOW!!!!  i love it!  it’s really coming down, too!  not in a blizzard, sideways sort of way, but like white rain.  i can cancel my students today if i want to, and i probably should since this is a big week for me.  but i don’t know. i am sitting at my desk, looking out the window at the beautiful snow, and there’s this dare … Continue reading monday.


last night, i may or may not have been an absolute genius in the kitchen.  you decide.  here’s how it went down: i started with a recipe by lovely and talented giada di laurentiis, for balsamic roasted chicken.  i went to the grocery store and just bought all the ingredients, but didn’t read the recipe.  then i got home and noticed that you marinate pieces … Continue reading sunday.


it’s 9:21 and i’m already heavily caffeinated and feeling like there are 100 things to do on the list.  but not really.  i’m rockin this.  i got this.  all is well.  i even started hemming my gown for the big performance.  too bad i haven’t had time to learn the darn piece yet.  but it’ll happen.  today.  and tonight is the kc chorale concert and … Continue reading tuesday.


figured out some things this weekend.  most of it, i already knew, but i guess when you finally stop racing around like an idiot, some things become more clear to you. here’s what i learned: 1. i don’t like singing music i don’t believe in.  it makes me feel fake up there.  with my fake face and my fake hand gestures.  gag me. 2. i … Continue reading monday.