first day of feb? oh no!!!!

oh no!  i haven’t conquered anything on my list!  no receipts or tax files are even pulled out to start the process.  i did not slow down for every long.  i’ve been eating pretty good food.  that’s not hard for me because i’m really good with a vegetable.  i can make it taste like a potato chip without making it unhealthy.  exercise ~ i’m just so excited about p90x.  i made a great move forward by ordering that, so i’m not going to feel bad about all the days i haven’t worked out.  i’m not.  I’M NOT. i guess i’ve organized.  not feeling like that this morning.  but i know i did.  and the last ~ relax and don’t be hard on myself?  that’s an on-going goal.  that’s going to take my whole lifetime.

so now, it’s february, and time to move on to the next set of goals.  i guess.  i mean, i feel like i need another month with the last ones!  or a whole year of the same five goals.  at any rate, here are my goals for feb.


1. quit nagging and snapping.

2. let it go.

3. don’t smart-mouth (my mother’s favorite term when i was in high school)

4. be patient.

5. talk lovingly.

6. if a question is asked, just answer it.  explain calmly.  do not act like it’s the stupidest question ever.

REALLY?  these are my rules for february?  okay, those things are a state of mind, not things that you must make time for, so i think i can add those.  don’t get me wrong ~ it’s going to be hard.  but i do think that january’s goals, if kept, will help me to be nicer and not as stressed out.  so being naggy and snippy won’t be as common.

so instead of REMEMBER LOVE ~ i’d like to call february ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT MONTH.  i want to be happier about my job too, and any additional work that’s piled on me, like the work that goes with all these gigs.  in the end, i love singing these gigs.  so i have to remember that the e-mails and fitting in practice time and the hemming of the dress are all a means to a glorious end.

on valentine’s day, this year, i am singing at the brand new, gorgeous performance hall in kansas city.  and it’s a great piece.  i should feel like i’m on top of the world!  but i’m too focused on all the work that has to be done before then.  ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT.

the weather is gorgeous here.  i am not getting outside to soak it up.  instead, i’m just looking outside thinking, “where’s the snow?  i want a snow day.”  ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT.

when i get up in the morning, all i can think about is how much i have to get done before i start teaching.  i don’t even enjoy the fact that i actually have the time to get a lot done before i go to work.  today, i don’t even have to be there until noon!  ATTITOOOOOOO-DUH!


One thought on “first day of feb? oh no!!!!

  1. I have this taped on the wall in my library “Enjoying life is most certainly all about attitude”. Pretty good, huh? In my Monday Bible Study we are working on a book called “Lord, Change My Attitude (before it’s too late)” and it is quite an eye-opener. But what I like knowing is that we do have a choice in how we behave and react and reach out to others. pt

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