figured out some things this weekend.  most of it, i already knew, but i guess when you finally stop racing around like an idiot, some things become more clear to you.

here’s what i learned:

1. i don’t like singing music i don’t believe in.  it makes me feel fake up there.  with my fake face and my fake hand gestures.  gag me.

2. i need time EVERY DAY to be domestic.  i need to be able to make something yummy, clean my kitchen, make my bed, nest in some way.  if that means i need to quit some things, then that’s what i’m going to do.

3. i need to exercise.  my p stupid 90 x hasn’t come yet!  i think it’s locked in the office and the lady has been MIA for four days.  dangit!  i can’t bring myself to do any other type of exercise while i’m waiting for its arrival.  that’s stupid.  but true.

4. i can no longer eat crap food.  my body refuses anything with preservatives, sugar, or anything deep-fried.  i don’t even like those things, but when you’re depressed and don’t have time to cook, it happens.  well, it hurts.

5. last but not least ~ i love my husband.


One thought on “monday.

  1. I LOVE THIS! And, let me tell you, this is your life and you get to make the choices so fight for them. Everything you listed is valid. I’m studying “Lord, Change My Attitude” (before it’s too late) by James MacDonald in my Bible Study. This weeks lesson is on the attitude of .contentment. Contentment has a partner and that is godliness. Godliness is being unsatisfied with my character formation in God and contentment is being satisfied with what I possess in God. Together, they add up to great gain. He goes on to say tht if you want to be happy and fulfilled in this life, you’d better do the math on the only equation that leads to human happiness. Godliness plus contentment equals great gain. Again, fight for how you want your life to look. pt

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