it’s 9:21 and i’m already heavily caffeinated and feeling like there are 100 things to do on the list.  but not really.  i’m rockin this.  i got this.  all is well.  i even started hemming my gown for the big performance.  too bad i haven’t had time to learn the darn piece yet.  but it’ll happen.  today.  and tonight is the kc chorale concert and i’ve not been doing so well in rehearsals lately.  especially sunday.  so i’m eager to get my game face on for tonight.

yesterday was a fantastic day.  i don’t know how it happened, but i taught from 12 to 9 and had a great time.  it helped that i ate breakfast lunch and dinner, and drank a lot of water.  had a lot of caffeine too, but the water helped, i think.  i also went SLOW, which was my first goal for 2012.  SLOW DOWN.  so that’s good.  today is an easy day:  3 hour lessons, a coaching, then i head to a high school and accompany two of my high school students for a pre-contest thingy.  it’ll be great to be there for them.  then i actually have time to come home, eat, and put on my chorale dress.  which probably won’t fit.  argh.

my mom wrote a great comment about godliness.  i’m trying to figure out what that means for me.  what does godliness look like on me?  peaceful comes to mind first and foremost.  relaxed ~ not bringing stress and anxiety, and crazy energy into every room.  definitely.  balance.  that’s godly, right?  not procrastinating.  somehow, that seems extremely godly to me.  FACE OF CHRIST.  that’s always been my motto.

cute outfit?  is that godly?


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