SNOW!!!!  i love it!  it’s really coming down, too!  not in a blizzard, sideways sort of way, but like white rain.  i can cancel my students today if i want to, and i probably should since this is a big week for me.  but i don’t know.

i am sitting at my desk, looking out the window at the beautiful snow, and there’s this dare devil in his snow plow truck, cleaning the top of a two-story parking garage.  he is going FULL SPEED to the edge of the garage and barely stopping in time, before his truck is smashed into the wall.  somehow, i find this hilarious.  he’s probably in that truck, music turned up, cig dangling, having the time of his life.  this is our first snow and it’s the middle of feb.  i bet he’s excited to make a little fat cash.

this week is crazy:  today, i teach all day, then rehearse at the performing arts center, then drive back up to jewell to accompany opera rehearsal.  tuesday, teach all day, then my mom comes into town for the concert, which starts at 8.  then wednesday is a really long day of teaching (10-6:30) and i go to the hub’s church choir to accompany the rehearsal.  after, a much-needed visit with my friend becky.  then we leave for another out-of-town chorale gig on thursday, returning friday morning.  friday evening, one of my students has a recital, then there’s opera rehearsal from 6-9.

here’s the worst thing about all of this:  saturday, TAXES.  oh nooooo.  i’m supposed to have all my taxes figured out and ready to show my preparer.  when on EARTH am i going to do that this week?

and also, i’m dying to start my p90x, now that i finally got it in the mail!  but i just gotta make it through this week, and then i can conquer.  i think yoga, instead.  don’t you?

the snow has stopped.  i’m always sad when it stops.  i love the beauty, and the drama, of feet and feet of snow.  and the “get out of jail free card” that it brings.  sorry, just can’t make it in today.

yesterday was awesome.  i got so much done around the house.  i rearranged the bedroom furniture (one of my absolute favorite things to do).  i baked chocolate chip cookies, another fave thing on my list, i cleaned up around the house a little, i practiced, made lunch (leftovers, but still) and i hemmed my dress for my concert!

i always feel like laying around is the best way to rejuvenate, but as i’m getting older, i have become certain it’s not.  30 minutes watching tv feels like 5 minutes.  it goes by too quickly and you always want more.  sitting and reading a book or magazine for 5 minutes feels like you’ve rested all afternoon.  cleaning up around the house and starting a fun project feels downright luxurious.  it’s like you’re telling your brain that you have so much time, that you’re bored and you’ve just got to start this project, like baking cookies.  decadent!

yesterday, i also started writing.  i’ve been meaning to write down everything that has happened these last five years, and i felt compelled to start right away, after my encounter last week in wisconsin.  i ran into some people who were very dear to me when i was going through some major stuff in my first marriage.  the conversation i had with them was lovely and eye-opening, and i felt no pain or anger at all.  i feel like i have forgiven myself, and forgiven all involved.  but i’m starting to forget details and i don’t think that’s the way to forgive ~ just simply to forget.  there are nuggets of truth and wisdom in those five years.  i don’t want to forget how far i’ve come and how grateful i should be every single day of my present life.




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