finally blogging again, after a crazy last two weeks of teaching and rehearsing and performing, oh my.  just too many things required of me.  i feel like i’ve been pulled in every single direction and i need an ashram to find my balance again.  an ashram or a straight jacket or something.  can i get a note from my doctor, please?  how about this…

please excuse sarah tannehill anderson from all activities until her skin looks like it’s glowing again.  signed, her dermatologist.

note to self:  go to dermatologist.

or this:

sarah will not be teaching lessons today.  her doctor has ordered her to go to lunch with her girlfriends, get a pedicure, and blow off all responsibilities that make her look old.

i know!  instead of calling in sick, i could call in old!  or, my body could call in neglected.  tee hee

on that note, i started p90x this morning!  the first thing you have to do is watch the instructional video, so that’s all i did this morning.  with coffee in my hand, sitting on the couch, in my workout clothes.  ha ha haaaaa.  now that’s a workout, baby.  ugh.  i’m so exhausted.  time to hit the showers.

you have to choose what program you want, so i’m reading the booklet to figure out what i want to do.  and they also make you take a picture of yourself now, at 30 days, 60, then 90.  scaaaaaaary.

also this morning, i’ve been tackling the 76 e-mails that greeted me in my inbox.  they’ve accumulated over the weekend, but REALLY?  76 e-mails?  really?  it’s too much.  i told my friend amy that i just scrolled down to her e-mail because hers was the first personal e-mail in the bunch.  everyone else wants a piece of me!  rehearsals, concerts, lessons, it’s all wonderful.  i feel so lucky to have a great biz going for myself.  but after a while, dealing with it all is overwhelming.  it has taken over my whole life, and i never planned on being THAT type of person ~ the one who chose work over relationships.  blech.

so i need to get my priorities back in order, which is what february’s HAPPINESS PROJECT is kind of focusing on.  well, it’s more about attitude, but they definitely go together.  the hub and i have definitely argued a lot this month, but we also figured out a lot of things because we were both honest with each other.  i think i will definitely leave february with a better attitude, after lots of work on it.  and the priorities have GOT to get in gear with that.  i’m giving myself till the end of the month to get my affairs in order.  it’s GOT TO HAPPEN.



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