happy ash wednesday?  are you supposed to wish people that?  i’ve been lying on the couch this morning, reading the “required reading” for p90x.  so far, this workout program is HIGH MAINTENANCE.  i don’t have half the equipment they want me to have.  i don’t have a heart rate monitor or a scale or pictures of myself in a sports bra.  i have to get online and sign up for all sorts of plans, which look awesome, but i’m so lazy.  i guess it’s better than not doing anything, right?  my first step is a fitness test and if i don’t pass it?  they recommend i don’t do p90x, but instead, some lame exercises to get in shape enough to endeavor to deserve the program.  whatevs.  i’m doing the p90x, whether i pass the fitness test or not.

but i’m sure i’ll pass it.  i’m kinda naturally fit, somehow.  anyway, all this to say ~ it’s slow-going here.  i thought i was going to start this program at the beginning of feb and here it is, almost the end of feb.  better late than never, right?

and i want to do it right.  i don’t want to skip steps and not read what i’m supposed to read.

i am so bitter about going to work.  i don’t have anything to give, intelligently or emotionally.

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