did the p90x fit test and barely passed.  omg.  i’m THAT out of shape?  oy.  but YOU try doing jumping jacks for 2 whole minutes! it’s kinda hard.

so yesterday was ash wednesday, signifying the beginning of LENT.  i didn’t grow up in a church that celebrated (for lack of a better word) the lenten fast or ash wednesday or fat tuesday, for that matter.  what a shame, because it’s such a beautiful thing.  last night’s ash wednesday service at the hub’s new church job was really beautiful.  the sermon was amazing.  i love the young priest at this church.  his sermons are like poetry.  i’m going to e-mail him today and ask for a copy of it.  i’ve never given up anything real for lent.  i’ve always done something kitschy, just to make fun of the tradition.  but this year?  i’m giving up stress.  that sounds like a joke, but i’m already feeling AMAZING.  i’m serious.  last night, after the service, the choir all went to dinner.  and some of the women were stressing about the seating and the logistics in this busy, small restaurant.   i just stood there and smiled at them.  it felt so good to not be a part of any anxious behavior.

i am losing stress, and adding exercise.  feels good already.

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