aaaaaah.  luscious saturday.  decadent coffee in white robe morning.  i actually have to get to work earlier than i normally do any day of the week, but it’s only for an hour or so.  and anyway, saturday has a special magical effect.  i’m sure the hub doesn’t feel that way ~ he has to work all day.  poor thing. i’m watching “something’s gotta give” this … Continue reading saturday.


i have already shut down.  just hunkering down and holding my breath until school’s out.  umm ~ it’s march still.  i have a long way to go, so why am i already giving up on everything? i absolutely refuse to work out.  why?  why does this happen?  i don’t understand it.  it’s a rebellion of some sort, or a depression.  i am so angry that … Continue reading wednesday.


wednesday is always a killer.  i start at 10 and finish at 9 usually.  today i start at 10 and finish at 6:30, then i’m going to a masterclass at helzberg hall.  the instructor will be joyce didonato, one of my all-time favorite opera singers. my day yesterday was 11-9, which is just as bad, but wednesday is always the day that i just dread. … Continue reading wednesday.


i love the rain.  i feel so content when it’s pouring outside.  and if there’s thunder?  i’m in total bliss.  could it be my scottish roots?  i heard that it rains there 300 days out of the year.  that’s a little too much rain for me, probably.  or is it? spring break is over.  sniff sniff.  oh well, it’s just as well.  let’s just get … Continue reading tuesday.


it’s friday!  and the first day of spring break!  can this be real?  the first day of breathing and eating right and finding balance again!!!!  i am so thrilled.  actually, i’m in shock.  i can’t believe it’s here.  yesterday, after the last final lesson, i opened my studio door, students all around, and ripped the lesson/coaching schedule off the door, crumpled it up and threw … Continue reading FRIDAY! FRIDAY!!! FRIIIIIDAAAAY!!!!!!


the HAPPINESS PROJECT awaits.  march is subtitled “aim higher”.  what a coincidence.  after having only done 3 out of 6 workouts on p90x last week, i started back up this morning with the 4th workout, yoga, thinking that i would just finish out the 1st week’s workouts, even if it took me two weeks. i couldn’t even get through 30 minutes of the 1 1/12 … Continue reading monday.


staying home this morning until noon.  awesome.  there was only one half-hour coaching i had to cancel to make that possible, but this is the kind of stuff i never thought to do before, to make my life easier.  now i can work out, finish this mound of laundry, and even go to the grocery.  LUXURIES. today is day four of p90x!!!!  when i woke … Continue reading thursday.