staying home this morning until noon.  awesome.  there was only one half-hour coaching i had to cancel to make that possible, but this is the kind of stuff i never thought to do before, to make my life easier.  now i can work out, finish this mound of laundry, and even go to the grocery.  LUXURIES.

today is day four of p90x!!!!  when i woke up yesterday, i thought there was no way i could get out of bed and move my sore muscles for a 3rd day.  and the unknown every morning ~ what hoops am i going to jump through on today’s video?  but yesterday was arms and shoulders, and it ended up being a really fun weight-lifting routine.  i just used 5 lb weights and really enjoyed all of the moves.  i made it through the whole routine and even did half of the ab video after that!!!!

today is another story.  i’m not interested in doing anything but sit on the couch and watch tv.  i’ll snap out of it.  it’s just going to take me a trip to the grocery store to wake me up.

so, enough of that.  it’s march 1.  that crept up on us!!!  i haven’t been dwelling much on the HAPPINESS PROJECT, but it’s been working.  i have had a serious attitude change, which was february’s goal.  it was supposed to be more toward the hub, and it has affected the hub inadvertently.  and in the end, i will be nicer to my husband because i have prioritized my life.

i gave up stress for Lent and i tell you, it worked immediately.  i’m sure God had a hand in this.  but when i realized it was a choice, not a set of circumstances that give you no choice but to be stressed, it was a “lightbulb” moment.  and the main thing i hear from people is, “when you figure how that works, let me know.”  what do you mean, “how that works”?  it worked!  i’m not waiting to find the answer.  i simply got rid of stress.  i said no to it.  i can’t say no to my job, or all the gigs that fall on a friday night, or i can’t kick out all the students from my studio who don’t listen to me.  i can’t change how people treat me, and i can’t expect anyone to look out for my well-being.  when someone e-mails and asks me to sing for their wedding or teach them a few lessons before contest, they don’t know that 10 other people asked me the same thing that week.  in the end, it’s a wonderful thing that “business is booming”.  but i’m the only one who knows how many requests there have been, and how many hours there are in my day!  or what difficult piece of music i need to be focusing on.  and don’t i deserve hobbies?  don’t i deserve to make a healthy dinner and enjoy it?  don’t i deserve to go visit my nieces every once in a while?  all of this is in MY control.  not even the hub’s!!!

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