it’s friday!  and the first day of spring break!  can this be real?  the first day of breathing and eating right and finding balance again!!!!  i am so thrilled.  actually, i’m in shock.  i can’t believe it’s here.  yesterday, after the last final lesson, i opened my studio door, students all around, and ripped the lesson/coaching schedule off the door, crumpled it up and threw in the air, and sang the mary tyler moore theme song.  think that was a hint to my students that they have worked me TO DEATH?

so, i have 27 voice students.  about 2/3 in college, the rest in high school.  i teach from 11 to 7, four days a week.  give or take.  this is a tough schedule with nothing else added.  but this semester, i have been individually coaching for the opera during any breaks in the day, so it’s been even more exhausting (and fulfilling!).  after spring break, i will add yet another element ~ teaching french diction.

lord, help me through this semester.

but let’s not talk about that on this lovely first day of my lovely spring break!!!!!

gotta go get my hair cut and my eyebrows de-unibrowed!!!!  this is so wonderful.  here’s to all you wonderful people out there who work your butts off.  i am so impressed by you.  i personally don’t have it in me.

anyone have any march happiness lists????

One thought on “FRIDAY! FRIDAY!!! FRIIIIIDAAAAY!!!!!!

  1. Congrats on making it to spring break. For March my main thing is to do yoga in the morning because I find it sets me right for the day ahead and to walk 10,000 steps a day which I know is easy for some people but on my days off from work I hardly do 3000. Anyways Enjoy your week!!!

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