i love the rain.  i feel so content when it’s pouring outside.  and if there’s thunder?  i’m in total bliss.  could it be my scottish roots?  i heard that it rains there 300 days out of the year.  that’s a little too much rain for me, probably.  or is it?

spring break is over.  sniff sniff.  oh well, it’s just as well.  let’s just get this semester over with as soon as possible.  i didn’t really rest and restore myself all that much ~ spring break was pretty busy.  and honestly, now that i’m back to the routine, i feel like i have more time.  i have the mornings to write, drink coffee, and just have alone time.

saturday night, we had a party.  we met someone new, our great friend steve’s new partner.  we started talking about how our loft is decorated, and i found out that he’s an artist.  so i told him i really wanted his opinion and ideas on how to decorate this place. and wow.  he had so many amazing ideas.  some of them are just furniture rearranging ideas, and others are very inexpensive changes.  i told him i wanted to paint the hallway (which is huge).  he recommended orange, which happens to be my favorite color.  it doesn’t, however, happen to be the hub’s favorite color.  but i’m going to do it anyway.  it’ll make the place look so sunny and exciting.

i’m going to get off the computer and do some fun house decorating before i have to go to school.  it’s too good.

2 thoughts on “tuesday.

  1. I feel the exact same way about the rain; it’s always funny to me how people complain about it and I am secretly dancing in my “I am gonna lie in the bed and let this storm carry me away” pants!

  2. totally! i’m actually VERY productive when it rains. i don’t know why, but i guess i feel comfortable and content in my house and i go crazy cleaning, cooking, nesting…

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