wednesday is always a killer.  i start at 10 and finish at 9 usually.  today i start at 10 and finish at 6:30, then i’m going to a masterclass at helzberg hall.  the instructor will be joyce didonato, one of my all-time favorite opera singers.

my day yesterday was 11-9, which is just as bad, but wednesday is always the day that i just dread.  i try to tell myself, “just show up to the lessons, don’t talk too much, just let them sing their songs and try not to use too much energy.”  but by the time i get to about 4:00, I am dizzy, hungry, depleted, and my studio looks like a tornado hit it.

if i have any spare time today, i have to prepare for the french diction class i will begin teaching tomorrow, and i need to practice some very hard music for a concert on monday.

i think what i need to do right now is look at everything i’ve already done this morning, in the two hours i’ve been awake.  that’s healthier, right?

i just paid a bunch of bills.  that feels good.  i updated my budget sheet.  also good.  i answered all new e-mails that magically appeared in the last 12 hours.  wonderful.  i have enjoyed 1 and 1/4 cups of coffee.  fabulous.  and now, it is 8:53 and i will get read and run out the door by 9:15.  that will be the hardest part of the morning.  that’s not enough time to cover all my sun spots and find some clothes that still flatter my sad body.

is it summer yet?  tuscany is calling my name!!!!

one more thing:  i keep forgetting to talk about the HAPPINESS PROJECT!

i tweaked my list for march.  i love everything on the list, but what i’ve really been focusing on lately is eating well.  i have made some great choices lately.  greater than normal.  it has everything to do with being stocked with veggies and hummus and healthy things.  trader joe’s is my LIFE!!!!

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