okay, at least i walked yesterday.  i walked to mildred’s coffeehouse, sipped coffee and read for a while, and walked back.  i don’t know if that counts, but it helped get me out of my funk.  that really is true happiness to me ~ a book, a cup of coffee, a cozy cafe.

truth be told ~ this week is really turning out to be low-key, and i think i’m not used to that, which makes me act a little funny.  who wouldn’t want all this wonderful and unexpected free time?  i definitely want it!  but i’m not necessarily good at it, after racing around for months and months on end.

it looked like a huge week, and it really is in some ways.  but i feel like my whole giving up stress for Lent thing is really working.  i sang a concert full of very difficult music on monday, and the opera at school opens tonight. but the kids are exhausted and no one wants a lesson.  so my days are light and easy and full of errand running.  it’s wonderful!  just weird, that’s all.

i keep waking up at the same time, because that’s what happens as you get older.  you just wake up no matter what.  (does sleep become less valuable to you as you get older because it reminds you too much of death?  or maybe because you feel like you have less time on earth to get it all accomplished?)

so this morning, at 7:59 am, i have decided to put in a chick flick ~ that’s a weird way to start the day ~ and just get some more work done around the house while watching it.

life is good.

i just realized that this month is almost over!!!  oh my gosh!  gotta start reflecting on the goals i had for march and did i do them?  i definitely started eating very healthy.  feeling really great about that.  and i have been spring cleaning and decorating the place!!!  i found some paint samples that are awesome and even the Hub agrees with the choices.  woot woot!!!  so that’s good.

i feel like april needs to be something really special.  something very restorative.  april is easter, spring, and taxes.  it’s quite possibly our last month with extra debt, if we play our cards right.  it could be a re-birth for a lot of things.  yay!



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  1. We are creatures of habit that’s why we wake up at the same time, that’s why we sit in the same place at church or a restaurant, that’s why we do a lot of stuff that we do. Remember when I first retired and you girls were so worried about me and my ability to not relax. It took about 3 days and I got over it!!!! Also, I think I told you just Monday how I had had a busy, fun week last week and have had trouble winding down to normal. That sounds like what you are going through. We are such complex creatures, aren’t we? Enjoy the day!!! pt

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