didn’t go to church.  it’s raining out and i’m watching CBS this sunday morning.  i love that show.  it might be the only “newsy” sort of show that i absolutely love.  i am really enjoying our new church, but it feels great to have this morning to myself.  it also feels great to know that april is almost over!  tax month ~ check.  the last … Continue reading sunday.


i have one of those days ahead of me ~ one of those straight through, 10 hours of teaching, no time for lunch days.  good thing i made soup yesterday, so lunch is ready!!!  and i made the best scones on the planet, and i think i’ll make some popcorn this morning as well.  that way i can eat my way through the day.  yessssss. … Continue reading thursday.

restore, renew, renovate, relax.

instead of writing WEDNESDAY on my post title, which always seems to start the complaining, i thought i would trick my mind and spirit with an alliteration of wonderful words!!!  it’s working ~ i feel really stupid and corny.  but that’s better than terrible and exhausted…how i usually feel on wednesdays!!! isn’t it too bad that the stress and high expectations others place on themselves … Continue reading restore, renew, renovate, relax.


this weekend was GREAT!!!  it was full of amazing friends, music and great food.  friday night, i went to a pampered chef party.  i felt like a real grown-up.  saturday, the kc chorale sang a concert that nearly broke my back.  and my voice.  saturday night, the hub and i went to the opera.  we left at intermission because i have musical ADHD.  and i … Continue reading monday.


oh i LOVE fridays.  when i have them off, anyway.  it’s supposed to be my day off, but that hasn’t happened in so long.  until today!!!!  weeeee!!! i am so sorry i complain so much about working.  just to clarify ~ i love my job.  i even love working.  i really enjoy helping students becoming better singers, and i hope, better, more confident people.  but … Continue reading friday!!!!

and later on that same day…

wow.  two posts in one day?  this might be what i always need to do every wednesday, just to make it through this strange and difficult day of every single week.  what sort of voodoo spell has been cast on this day?  remember wednesday from the adams family?  she was boring and depressive and gaunt and pale.  that’s TOTALLY wednesdays. i really lost it during … Continue reading and later on that same day…


worked some mighty long hours yesterday.  whew.  but i don’t have to be anywhere this morning until 12:30.  woot woot!  i can do anything for just one day!  tomorrow will be another doozy, and at the end of a long teaching day, i will then sing a concert.  oy vay.  so this morning, i’m going to go to the farmers’ market and see what the … Continue reading wednesday.


well, i don’t know what next year’s schedule is going to be, but i’m thinking mondays off.  this feels SO GOOD.  i needed this.  my schedule just fizzled out today, so i didn’t cancel anything myself, which is even better.  it’s not like i have makeups hovering over me. and my kitchen is clean.  and i’m doing laundry.  and it’s gorgeous outside.  simply gorgeous. so, … Continue reading monday.


well, i’m not entirely off today, and i so wish i could be.  but i don’t have to be anywhere until 1, so that’s good! and we have a concert out of town on sunday, and then i have a rehearsal.  these weekends kill me.  i wouldn’t complain a bit if i had a little time off during the week too.  and that’s what i’m … Continue reading saturday.