it’s another beautiful day here in kansas city!  it’s easy to get out and walk in the morning when it’s so perfect out.

it’s time to post the HAPPINESS CHALLENGE list for april.  i actually thought i already had, but when i went through my recent posts ~ nothing.  i do know that i want it to be about rebirth.  re-inventing myself.  in december, when i read the book, i wanted april to be titled, “lighten up”.  the list was full of fun sewing projects and talk about removing stress.  but i really figured out the stress thing in march, when i gave it up for lent.  i haven’t had to work at all to figure out how to eliminate stress ~ it just went away.  but i’m sure, as time goes by, that i’ll stray and i’ll have to find my way back to a less stressful attitude.  for now, it’s just so good that i’m sticking with it.

here’s how i want april to look:

1. it’s all about taking care of business.  staying organized with the budget, paying the taxes and the bills, and thinking before we spend.  so i’ll call this one: TAKE CARE OF FINANCIAL.

2. NO PROCRASTINATING = NO STRESS.  i really have gotten so much better at this.  this is part of not stressing out.  you don’t stress out when you’re prepared, and you don’t put off preparing when you’re not stressed out about it.

3. i’m reading a book called, “a course in weight loss: 21 spiritual lessons for surrendering your weight forever” by marianne williamson.  i’ve only read the first few pages of the first chapter, but i can tell that there’s some real eye-opening wisdom in this book.  she talks a lot about overeating, which is not my problem, but she also mentions the self-sabotage of NOT getting out there and exercising.  that’s more like me.  so i want to dive into this book and try applying the principles.  i’ll call this: EXPLORE THE SPIRITUAL PROPERTIES OF LOVIN YOURSELF.

4. spring cleaning!!!!  the loft is really looking great.  we are going to paint soon and that’s exciting!  but my goal for this month is to finish a few of the messy areas ~ the large kitchen storage shelves, the pantry, which i want to convert lots of thing to pretty canisters, and the cookbook shelf, which is a mess.  but the whole place really needs a deep cleaning.  we get a lot of dust.  i just want to DEEP CLEAN, THEN KEEP IT CLEAN.

5. ENJOY THE WEATHER.  that’ll be easy.

good stuff!!!!  anyone have april figured out for yourself yet?

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  1. Ah, April!
    Definitely want to DEEP CLEAN the house as well; not putting a lot of pressure on myself for it to be done my ME either – bwa-ha-ha-ha! I hate doing it so why not pay another? That will free me up to get ready for a big show in May, work on my CD project, maybe actually post on my new blog, sort more shit for Goodwill, practice, start voice lessons, play with the Little Girl, you get the idea…

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