easter monday.

what is easter monday?  does something significant happen, or are we just trying to stretch the holiday one more day?  i’m not complaining ~ i am THRILLED that both the hub and i are off today!!!

we got in a huge fight yesterday about how i do everything around the house, and pay the bills, and take care of everything.  and i work.  a lot.  so today, he’s in his robe, cleaning up the dishes from last night’s dinner extravaganza, and has already made coffee.

fights can be good.

i made the most delicious meal yesterday.  it was heavenly.  pastitsio with greek salad.  pastitsio is a greek pasta dish that has a meat sauce flavored with cinnamon.  if you don’t like a recipe that involves four pots on top of the stove at the same time (and i really don’t, but i really love this dish), then don’t listen to this recipe.

here’s the basic idea:  pot #1:  a meat sauce with onion, garlic, red wine, tomato, ground beef, cinnamon, oregano, and i added mushrooms and pepper.  it simmers on the stove for 45 minutes.  pot #2:  make some pasta (i did whole grain penne).  pot #3 and 4:  a bechamel, which calls for the roux to be made in one little pot (butter and flour) and the milk and heavy cream to be warmed up in another.  then you combine them and stir until it turns into an alfredo sauce looking mixture.  add nutmeg, s and p, and you have heaven.  take it off the stove and add a TON of parmesan cheese.  woo hoo!!!  then let it all cool 10 minutes and add two eggs and a thing of greek yogurt.  what on earth?  how many rich products can you put in there?

well, put them in there because it is TO DIE FOR.  and you might die after you eat it.  but you won’t mind.

and then you mix the pasta with the meat sauce, pour it into a baking dish, pour the white sauce all over it, and put a mother load of parm on the top.  it bakes for an hour.

best pasta dish ever.

i’m still not in love with my greek dressing.  gotta keep working on that…

pastitsio for breakfast.  for sure.

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