more thursday.

just felt like messing around and changing to a more springy appearance.  it’s gloomy, cold and rainy outside today.  which is probably why i don’t feel like doing a darn thing today, except change the color of my blog.  whatever.  i’ve proven my worth to the world.  i have worked my patooty off this year. Continue reading more thursday.


okay, so i answered all nagging e-mails!!  and got the 2nd e-mail account going and sent out a notice to all the people i would want to use the new account.  this is good.  but now it’s time to go to work and i haven’t even showered.  i don’t want to go at all.  i want to stay on my couch.  i’m just borrowing from … Continue reading thursday.


i always feel like this on wednesday.  i bet if i look back on every post i wrote on each hump day, they would all sound like a broken record.  i wake up feeling like a zombie, dreading the day of teaching, feeling like a caged animal, wondering how it’s wednesday and i haven’t even thought about getting out there and walking.  i wouldn’t have … Continue reading wednesday.