i always feel like this on wednesday.  i bet if i look back on every post i wrote on each hump day, they would all sound like a broken record.  i wake up feeling like a zombie, dreading the day of teaching, feeling like a caged animal, wondering how it’s wednesday and i haven’t even thought about getting out there and walking.  i wouldn’t have time anyway.  i wake up to a thousand demanding e-mails.  okay, maybe it’s only 20 demanding e-mails, but everyone is so demanding.  i feel like i’m suffocating.  THIS IS NO WAY TO START THE DAY!

i used to start my days with devotions.  journaling.  prayer.  exercise.  even bikram yoga!  wow.  now i start with e-mails that completely stress me out.

now, i know you are reading this and thinking, “duh, sarah, stopping checking your e-mails in the morning.”  but i’m not sure i’ll be free during the day to check them as well.  i’m worried that if i don’t take care of biz in the morning, i never will.  which actually sounds amazing.  i wish i could send a mass e-mail to all the people demanding answers from me ASAP ~ but what would it read?  please be patient with me?  please stop e-mailing me?  please leave me alone?  no, because all of this is better than getting phone calls.

12 hours later….

so, it’s 7:40 pm and my day was really nice.  i was a zombie all day, but had some free time to think and eat right, etc.  i’ve decided to try NOT checking my e-mails in the morning, and i think this means i shouldn’t even blog in the morning either.  i need to stay off the computer completely and make sure that is sacred time for me.

this is not going to be easy for me.  the most ridiculous thought just ran through my head ~ “what am i going to do with all that time in the morning?”  WHAT?  what is wrong with my brain?

but tonight, in order to do start this new commitment, i must do two things:  i must

1. clean up my inbox.

2. start a new e-mail so that one can be junk mail and the other can be business/family/friends.

that’ll get things going in the right direction.


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