well, i’m not entirely off today, and i so wish i could be.  but i don’t have to be anywhere until 1, so that’s good!

and we have a concert out of town on sunday, and then i have a rehearsal.  these weekends kill me.  i wouldn’t complain a bit if i had a little time off during the week too.  and that’s what i’m working on for next year.  i’ll get it all ironed out.

yesterday was monumental:  we sent our taxes off!!!  and we actually have the money in the bank to pay them!  i think that’s the last really expensive tax day we’ll have to deal with.  this year will be set up differently, and i am very excited about that.

i want to add something to my HAPPINESS CHALLENGE list for april:  i want to take better care of myself.  i never, ever wash my face at night.  i never apply any creams or potions.  i don’t moisturize any skin, face or body, before sleeping.  i have stopped drinking excess water.  i don’t exfoliate, i hop in and out of the shower very quickly, and i don’t make time for any of it.  i really don’t like spending the time on myself, on a daily basis.  i want to add that….

on that same note ~ does anyone know anything about hormone therapy?  i just feel like it would be an amazing thing to start. i’m 38 and i’m experiencing definite changes in my body.

the hub just sat down at the piano to practice a piece he is conducting sometime in the near future.  can we PLEASE have a hot second without music???

well, i guess i don’t have that much to say this morning.  it’s a nice feeling.

i will leave you with my absolute favorite breakfast.  you must try it.

egg in a hole:  get a pan going with some butter and olive oil.  take two pieces of grainy bread, like the type with nuts and seeds in it, or pumpernickel.  something substantial makes this taste so nutty and good.  cut a hole in the middle with a biscuit cutter or a sugar cookie cutter.  drop it in the pan and crack an egg in it.  add salt and pepper and put the lid on.  flip it when it’s brown.  when it’s almost done, add parmesan cheese and let it melt on there.  i add tomatoes to the pan too.  so, so good.  so simple and satisfying.



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