well, i don’t know what next year’s schedule is going to be, but i’m thinking mondays off.  this feels SO GOOD.  i needed this.  my schedule just fizzled out today, so i didn’t cancel anything myself, which is even better.  it’s not like i have makeups hovering over me.

and my kitchen is clean.  and i’m doing laundry.  and it’s gorgeous outside.  simply gorgeous.

so, i think the HAPPINESS PROJECT is working.  i’m starting to really get to know myself, in a more honest way.  rather than put a bunch of expectations on myself that will never fit my personality.  sometimes you just have to push for what’s best for you.  this first year of marriage is coming to an end (on may 28) and i have fought certain battles all year, in hopes to establish a partnership of equality.  it’s very important to me.  but when this year is over, i’m going to stop the griping.  no matter what.  i will settle in and let things be what they are.  as the woman says in oh brother, where art thou ~ “i’ve said my peace and counted to three.”  that’s the only sad, not happy part of this year.  i’ve been so nagging.  i think he’s come a long way this year, but also, he knows how i feel about things.  so i don’t need to be talking about it anymore.

the other thing i learned from this project, and this difficult year is this:  i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again ~ i want to live a mediterranean lifestyle.  and i want to learn how to live that kind of life right here in kansas city.  that’ll be super difficult, given the fact that this city works.  oh my gosh, it works.  everything about this city is work, work, work.  i love it, but i want to create my own schedule and make it work for me, instead of just having it be the norm in this part of the world.

so what is a mediterranean lifestyle?

(well, this may not be totally correct, but this is what i mean when i use the term.)

1. get up early in the morning, and make the perfect cup of coffee.  savor it while you watch the sun rise.  read some kind of inspiring book or write in a journal.  all about devoting time to yourself.  get on a yoga mat and meditate and do some sun salutations.  oh yeeeeaaaah.  lovin’ this already.

2. make a light breakfast and get ready for work.  you’re not spending tons of time on your hair.  you don’t care.  you’re wearing some kind of gorgeous, comfortable dress that feels amazing on.  nothing uncomfortable.  nothing in your way.

3.  you work and put your all into it.  you love your job.  you’re happy because you aligned it all on that yoga mat this morning.

4.  on the way home from work, you stop at a market and pick up some fresh vegetables that are in season, and a beautiful piece of fish.  and a bottle of wine.

5.  you come home, talk a walk, because it’s not 8pm and you’re not starving and exhausted.  it’s more like 5:00 or, dare i say, 4:30?  let’s not get crazy here.  it’s 6:00.  that’s more like it.  you take a walk because YOU CAN.  you get back and throw all that lovely food in a frying pan.  the hub comes home and you eat a yummy dinner together and enjoy a glass of wine.

6.  you clean up the dishes.  you do not wait until the next morning.  and then you put your feet up and read until bedtime.

if this type of schedule happens only 3 times a week, that would still be the greatest thing on the planet.  i know, i know.  i’m a singer.  i have rehearsals most nights.  but the other nights NEED to look like this.  i need to plan on them and literally not take gigs that interfere with this lifestyle.  SELAH!


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