oh i LOVE fridays.  when i have them off, anyway.  it’s supposed to be my day off, but that hasn’t happened in so long.  until today!!!!  weeeee!!!

i am so sorry i complain so much about working.  just to clarify ~ i love my job.  i even love working.  i really enjoy helping students becoming better singers, and i hope, better, more confident people.  but i just have overdone it this year.  next year, when i don’t work as much, these posts aren’t going to be so moany.

i’ve been working hard on the apartment.  i feel like i’ve been working hard on this place for the entire year that we’ve lived here.  and that might actually be true.  there are just so many options, and so many challenges.  it’s like a blank canvas, which sounds so fun ~ and it is!  but i also feel like i’m putting the furniture in every single position to just find the one position that works.  our poor neighbors downstairs probably think a different person is moving in every week!

the bedroom is kind of problematic.  we have this weird shaped chest of drawers (from my first marriage ~ of course) and a couch in there, and it’s just too much furniture.  i always wanted a couch or sitting area in my bedroom, but the truth?  you’re never going to sit there.  instead, it’s a place for clothes to collect.

all in all, i look around and i really love the changes i’m slowly making to make this place work.  it really needs to be kept picked up and clean at all times.  it can look so cluttered, so easily.  that’s just the kind of place this is.  there’s no secret storage room.  everything is out in the open.  even a stand full of music looks messy.

i’m not the best housekeeper in the world, so this is good for me.

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