restore, renew, renovate, relax.

instead of writing WEDNESDAY on my post title, which always seems to start the complaining, i thought i would trick my mind and spirit with an alliteration of wonderful words!!!  it’s working ~ i feel really stupid and corny.  but that’s better than terrible and exhausted…how i usually feel on wednesdays!!!

isn’t it too bad that the stress and high expectations others place on themselves are sometimes forced onto you?  my parents never stressed me out.  they never made me feel like my home was a place of turmoil or unrest.  and if anything, they didn’t expect enough of me!  this might be bad, since it seems like every successful person in life starts out with “something to prove”.  with my upbringing ~ the kinds of things they wanted to see me achieve were:  kindness, thoughtfulness, not living above my means, being practical, etc.

so, they didn’t really prepare me for all the crazies in the world who set such high expectations of perfection onto themselves, that they make everyone else miserable around them.

in my life, these people mostly present themselves as directors.  my life is chock full of them ~ expecting perfection from me, always wanted to hear “yes” from me, using me for their successful gain.  i am happy to be used in this way ~ i don’t want to be a conductor ~ i want to be the talent!  but after a year of vocal abuse, not to mention mental and physical sacrifice, I AM OVER IT.

i am counting the days until i get on that plane bound for italy, singing ARRIVEDERCI at the top of my lungs!

in the meantime, i would like to focus on all the things that are making me SO happy right now!!!

first picture: adorable window sill herb garden…


that’s two kinds of basil, greek oregano, orange mint and lavender!!!  i’m so happy just looking at them.

second picture: our newly-hung julius meinl artwork we bought from the austrian bistro down the street. it looks so cool up against that brick wall!!!  thanks to our amazing friends who came to put it up!

last but not least ~ my first furniture painting project.  we bought this armoire for $40 at a garage sale.  it’s a corner armoire, which you can’t see in this pic.  it’s in really good shape, but i want to paint it.  i’m going to paint it a flat, off-black, and paint the inside an antique blue.  and then we’ll have storage for our sweaters!!!  weeeeee!!!

i will definitely be putting before/after pics up of this.  it’s so exciting.  i want to cancel my lessons today and just domesticate myself!



3 thoughts on “restore, renew, renovate, relax.

  1. Well, this entry really got to me. It actually made me cry. Dad and I did such a good job!!!! I am so happy to be the mother of someone (more than one someone) that really gets it. Life is about so much more than monetary success. And, I love your herb garden. It just has the look of happiness – I can almost smell it. pt

  2. glad you liked it, mama! did you spell your last name wrong on the comment? i certainly hope not. do i need to be worried? 🙂

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