didn’t go to church.  it’s raining out and i’m watching CBS this sunday morning.  i love that show.  it might be the only “newsy” sort of show that i absolutely love.  i am really enjoying our new church, but it feels great to have this morning to myself.  it also feels great to know that april is almost over!  tax month ~ check.  the last full month of teaching ~ check.  performance season coming to a close ~ almost there.  my voice is dry and exhausted and i need to be away from the music world for a little while.

we started painting the hall.  no one ever told me that it’s really scary to do this.  you put on the first coat and it’s so ugly and so messy looking, with some of the white wall showing through, and the contrasting blue tape.  it’s such a big risk you take when you start slathering the paint onto such a clean, white canvas.  especially when you don’t own that wall!  but the hub is fearless.  he thinks it already looks great and he’s excited about the bright orange color we chose.  i’m sort of frozen and looking over at the wall out of the corner of my eye like it’s a ghost.

i can’t believe my hub even went for such a crazy color.  orange is my favorite color and our new big picture we hung has the same orange in it.  so i know it’ll be a great choice.  but what a choice.  orange.

the maintenance man in our building told me that the most common color he has painted in the building is:  GREY.  now, i love grey.  it’s such a beautiful, subtle color.  my sister has grey on her bedroom walls and it is very serene and modern.  but when i heard it was the color most used in this building ~ i wanted to rebel.  the 20 somethings  in this building drive me crazy.  (hub excluded of course!) they are so obnoxious.

so, i believe these items were on my HAPPINESS PROJECT.  it might have been on february’s list, but it was somewhere that i wanted to finish decorating this apartment.  so it’s very exciting, even if it’s slightly scary.


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