i can’t believe it ~ we leave tomorrow for ITALY!!! i cannot wait to get out of here.  i’m really being a baby, i’m sure, but i’m so sick of people needing things from me.  i desperately need to UNPLUG. but if i do get the chance to blog, and i hope i do, i’m going to keep you all posted on the great things … Continue reading tuesday…


i have a “but for the grace of god” story to tell.  yesterday, i was in a 6-hour rehearsal for the bach b minor mass.  exhausting.  i’m out of my mind and my voice is GONE.  well, my speaking voice, anyway.  for some reason, my singing voice is more resilient.  good technique vs. bad speaking technique?  whatever.  anyway, it’s about 8 pm and i start … Continue reading friday.


i survived the weekend.  yet another marathon, super human, can’t believe that was the weekend ~ weekend.  sang a tour de force concert with the kc chorale.  exhausting high notes ~ bird on a wire ~ and some solos to boot.  i can’t quite put into words how exhausted i feel.  even blogging is hard for me this morning!  can’t. form. a. sentence. honestly ~ … Continue reading survived.


has anyone reading this ever done “the work” by byron katie?  i absolutely love this woman.  she is amazing.  my friend, david, introduced me to her a few years ago when i was going through my divorce.  he gave me a stack of CDs that were actually a book-on-tape.  i downloaded them and started listening immediately.  well, every year, about once a year, i listen … Continue reading tuesday.


usually, wednesday is a really hard day for me.  i wake up exhausted and cranky.  and i should feel that way today, because yesterday was a doozy.  got up super early to get some work done, taught a few lessons, ran, literally through the grocery store, ate chinese while driving, threw on a formal and drove to lawrence, sang on someone’s doctoral recital, jumped in … Continue reading wednesday.


project renovation is over!  the hallway is done and it looks amazing!  i had some real moments of panic, halfway through the project.  but it is exactly the color we had in mind!!!  yippee!!! here are the pics… BEFORE AFTER!!!!! feeling very smug and hip.  like those artist-type people you see in home depot with the dew rags on their heads, and sleeves of tattoos? … Continue reading tuesday.