usually, wednesday is a really hard day for me.  i wake up exhausted and cranky.  and i should feel that way today, because yesterday was a doozy.  got up super early to get some work done, taught a few lessons, ran, literally through the grocery store, ate chinese while driving, threw on a formal and drove to lawrence, sang on someone’s doctoral recital, jumped in the car, eating burger king on the way, and finished my day with a grueling 3 1/2 hour rehearsal.

just thought i’d explain in detail, just to make sure that people understand what it’s like to be a singer/teacher.  (how on earth could i have children?)

BUT, i digress.  this morning, i popped awake at the frightening hour of 5:20, to start a batch of….



nothing gets me out of bed like making something amazing in the kitchen.

i’m also making a ganache chocolate cake for my friend, paula, who is 60 today!  she’s just 60 today.  tomorrow, she will promptly go back to 29.

i love baking.  it is so amazing.  it takes focus and patience and trusting that the chemistry will work like it’s supposed to.  baking is some kind of sexy chemistry ~ a chemistry for the senses.  there is nothing like the texture of croissant dough, after the first few turns.  (you add the butter to the middle and fold the dough like an envelope, roll it out, and do it all over again.  it’s called a “turn”) it’s right up there with the feeling of baby cheeks, and sleeping in your own bed after being on vacation.

there’s also nothing like the chemistry that happens when you take boiling heavy cream, pour it over bittersweet chocolate, and whip it together.  if you whip it and chill it, it turns into a fudge-like frosting that will blow your mind.  or, you can whip it at room temp and it becomes a glaze to pour over a whole cake, or dip strawberries in.  SICK.

here’s the weird part:  i’m perfectly happy having just a bite of these treats.  i’m more in love with the process of baking, and obsessed with watching other people go nuts over these treats.  i really love that i just spent 3 1/2 hours not once thinking of music, or stress, or anything but “okay, what’s the next step?”  i feel like i’ve meditated!

i’m sure i’ll brag some more and put pics of these treats on here.  it’s been my thing lately ~ bragging.

today, i teach from 12:30-2:45, run to a rehearsal, and then teach some more.  not a bad day at all.  i think i’m gonna make it through this week after all.


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