i cannot believe it’s thursday already.  yesterday was a full day of juries (vocal finals) and i am exhausted.  i feel heavy and old today.  i wish i could feel amazing, knowing that the year is finally OVER!!!  but i’m too worn out to feel that way.  i need a few days of getting my life in order, and then maybe i’ll feel better.

this saturday is the kc chorale concert at the kauffman center.  we have decided to invite people over afterwards, since we live so close to the center, and the rooftop pool seems like the perfect place to go after the concert.  i’m really excited about it, and also very excited to be hosting one of the singers from phoenix, who are coming to help us sing this important concert.   i want everything to be beautiful in the apartment, and i want lots of snack choices for us, so that we can have munchies and add some nourishment and enjoyment to our stressful weekend.

so today and tomorrow, i’m cleaning, finishing the armoire (painting it black and putting on the door knobs.  shouldn’t be too bad), and making some yummy snacks.  here’s what i’m thinking:

1. black bean/mango salsa

2. pasta with pesto and fresh mozzarella balls

3. homemade granola

4. lemon/lavender scones (these are already made and in the freezer.  just have to bake and ice them!)

have i missed anything?

this is my favorite type of food.  i guess you’d call it “spa” food.  healthy, clean food that makes you feel amazing and is so fresh and delish.

it is SOOOO beautiful out.  just gorgeous.  i wish i had more energy.  i’m a bump on a log.  i mean, i have cleaned a little already, and am not just lying on the couch, but i feel like a truck hit me.  i can’t imagine how my sweet hub feels.  he has his big spring concert tonight.  he must feel like a piece of road kill.  poor guy.

i have nothing else to write this morning.  i’m happily devoid of brain cells.  i hope to dumbly fumble through the day, running errands.  ooh ~ bad choice of words.  not running ~ crawling errands.

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