i survived the weekend.  yet another marathon, super human, can’t believe that was the weekend ~ weekend.  sang a tour de force concert with the kc chorale.  exhausting high notes ~ bird on a wire ~ and some solos to boot.  i can’t quite put into words how exhausted i feel.  even blogging is hard for me this morning!  can’t. form. a. sentence.

honestly ~ all i do today is teach from 4-7 and i am dreading it.  i have nothing in my brain but mush!

enough complaining.  this year is almost over.  countdown to ITALY: 16 days!!  can that be right?  i’m really looking forward to that flight.  8-10 hours of just sitting there, staring at a movie, reading books about italy, sleeping, LEAVING IT ALL BEHIND.  we’ll miss our home.  we always do.  but we are never going to forget this trip.

i haven’t really been thinking about the HAPPINESS PROJECT for may because only one thing needs to be on the list:  GO TO ITALY. isn’t that enough to make you happy for the rest of your life?  but i guess there’s more to it than that.  here is my list for may…


1. get your work done way ahead of time.  no stress.  none.

2. keep your eyes on the prize:  ITALY.

3. keep the house CLEAN.

that’s all i have.  i’m cooking great and healthy food this month, walking when i can, enjoying the weather, enjoying our friends, and hopefully closing up some financial nagging debts.  YIPPEEEEE!!!

and, i finished the armoire!!!!



and a close up….

and the paint job on the inside…

the blue turned out boring, in my opinion.  that paint only cost me $6 so i’m going to go back and get some hot pink, coral color and do it again.

or cover it in contact paper.  i just want it to be neat on the inside.

thanks for allowing me to geek out on my home renovation projects.  i’m going to take a bunch of pictures of the entire finished apartment and post them.  feels good to show all this hard work off!!

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  1. I’d like to humbly suggest a bright ass yellow for the inside. It looks good and really, the blue isn’t bad dear if you get lazy.

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