i have a “but for the grace of god” story to tell.  yesterday, i was in a 6-hour rehearsal for the bach b minor mass.  exhausting.  i’m out of my mind and my voice is GONE.  well, my speaking voice, anyway.  for some reason, my singing voice is more resilient.  good technique vs. bad speaking technique?  whatever.  anyway, it’s about 8 pm and i start thinking, “i wonder what time we’re called tomorrow for yet another grueling rehearsal?”  i decide to get my planner out while he’s working on the tenors.  i open up my planner to friday, may 18, and i see: “lyric arts trio concert @ noon”.  what?  so, my incredible mind deduced immediately that there must be a rehearsal before that concert.  i flip back to thursday the 17th and see that, yes, in fact, there is a rehearsal, and it’s happening in 20 minutes.  i don’t have my music for that rehearsal, and even though i told the bach director that i had this conflict, we hadn’t discussed it all day.  i thought the rehearsal was friday night, the concert on sunday.  but there’s a concert TODAY AND SUNDAY.

i drove like the wind, hitting every red light (god’s plan for no ticket or death from speeding).  i got there, music in hand, a few minutes after 8:30.  the composer of the piece we are premiering was there, so i had to be good.  and i was so tired and vocally gone and my brain was CRYING.  but the rehearsal was pretty good and here we are, a day later, and i’m in my dress, ready early for the noon concert, feeling so thankful that i diverted a possible serious goof-up.

oh lord, if i can just get through this year, these three more concerts, which are all happening today and sunday, i will have made it through the craziest year of my life.

meanwhile, the weather here is simply gorgeous and, no doubt, a foreshadowing of the weather we are going to enjoy in italy.  but honestly, if it rained every day in italy, i would welcome it.  i just can’t wait to get away from HERE.  my planner, my computer, my phone!!!!


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