the confession booth is now open.

it’s tuesday morning, and i feel like i have been through a war.  a spiritual, take my life back, no regrets ~ battle.  it’s one thing to decide to put your foot down and change some of the things you don’t approve of in your life.  it’s another thing to sit in your decision and be confident every minute of the day, no matter what … Continue reading the confession booth is now open.


already thursday?  this week is flying by.  it’s been such a great week.  i’m getting into the swing of life after italy ~ finally.  it wouldn’t have taken so long if i hadn’t come back with almost-impossible designs on my life.  every time i’ve lived in kansas city (twice now ~ the first time was grad school) i have realized what this city can do … Continue reading thursday.


introducing, my recipe of the evening: WHEN-THE-CAT’S-AWAY-THE-MOUSE-WILL-PLAY PASTA SALAD the hub would hate this pasta.  hence the name.  he’s out of town, so it’s chick flicks and girly food galore!!! here are the delicious ingredients, inspired by my refrigerator, and a wonderful trip to the farmers market: stir up a vinaigrette in the bottom of a big bowl, with red wine vinegar, olive oil, stone … Continue reading wednesday.


here’s a sad confession.  i made myself sick yesterday.  i didn’t have a cold at all.  on sunday, i made that detox lemonade thing and it gave me terrible sores in my mouth, and other awful, icky stuff.  i had such a sore throat because there was acid burning my mouth and throat all night long.  as soon as i realized it, i stopped drinking … Continue reading tuesday.


permanently on the couch.  stuck here till tuesday and that’s all.  got one of them summer colds.  how pathetic. well, we did manage to venture out to the jack stack down the street, hoping that baked beans and burnt ends would cure the summer cold.  but now i just have a cold and gastro-intestinal dysfunction. this is going to be THE most shallow blog ever in the … Continue reading monday.


i have been struggling with some pretty strong emotions lately.  i think i’ve made that clear ~ if anything, i’ve focused way too much on it these past few months.  the HAPPINESS PROJECT is still in tact, and even though happiness has not been a word in my vocabulary lately, i do think the work i am doing to “clean house” will bring happiness in … Continue reading wednesday.


last night, i wrote a silly blog that was meant to be entertaining, stating ways i can have more peace.  i included chick flicks and drinks as part of my plan of attack.  but i don’t want anyone to think that i am not a more profound person than that.  i know how to find peace. i’m sure it’s different for everyone.  some people probably … Continue reading monday.


last night i made bruschetta.  it was so amazing.  the secret:  don’t skimp on the olive oil.  in italy, the bruschetta was so moist and flavorful.  and while i don’t have that fresh, delicious olive oil they use there, my extra virgin, light taste bertolli olive oil does the job just fine. i had a beefsteak tomato from the farmers market, and added kalamata olives, … Continue reading toosdee.