permanently on the couch.  stuck here till tuesday and that’s all.  got one of them summer colds.  how pathetic.

well, we did manage to venture out to the jack stack down the street, hoping that baked beans and burnt ends would cure the summer cold.  but now i just have a cold and gastro-intestinal dysfunction.

this is going to be THE most shallow blog ever in the history of blogs.

beginning with talk about hair.  i’m feelin’ the need to grow my hair out.  watching “the yes man” right now and zoey deschanel has this cute long hair with the short bangs, like she’s always had.  i would love to have a version of that cut, just shorter.  like chin length?  i don’t know.  i am so shallow.  i’d like to sit around all night and think about my new hair style.

tomorrow i’m starting a new workout class.  it’s a spin class at my gym called “the bikefast club”.  6-7 am.  too early to even think about whether or not i can do it.  i just have to put on my clothes and walk out the door.

next shallow subject:  what to have for dinner, after a bbq binge?  well, it wasn’t really a binge ~ i had salmon.  pretty healthy, but i also had french fries, baked beans, and practically drank two bowls of bbq sauce.  i think popcorn tonight.

sometimes i like getting sick.  i stop being so hard on myself and just give in to the lazy side of me.

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