here’s a sad confession.  i made myself sick yesterday.  i didn’t have a cold at all.  on sunday, i made that detox lemonade thing and it gave me terrible sores in my mouth, and other awful, icky stuff.  i had such a sore throat because there was acid burning my mouth and throat all night long.  as soon as i realized it, i stopped drinking the elixir of death and started guzzling water.  i still have a sore on my tongue ~ this stuff is seriously potent.  oh my gosh.

i think i’ll just drink water with lemon in it, like all normal people.  and that’s all.  geez.

so, beyonce drank that for weeks to lose her baby weight?  i guess the flora and fauna of  my body cannot handle stuff like that, because i can’t imagine anyone continuing with a detox that makes you feel THAT BAD.

today is a really good day.  i feel rested, content and energetic.  i’m getting some cleaning done in the apartment.  i’ve been working on my huge exposed storage shelf in my kitchen, which can be an overwhelming display of bowls and wine glasses.  it can take over the whole room, but i really need it to store a lot of stuff.  so i constantly am rearranging and grouping and removing certain items.  when it’s done, we’ll move.

having organized it in a way that showcases the gorgeous wine decanters and glasses, and stores the pretty mixing bowls, i’ve taken several things off of the shelf.  and where do they go?  no clue.  they’re all over the kitchen counter.  this is always the formula:  make something beautiful and it starts a chain reaction to clutter the whole house, one room at a time.  i need to store more things, and i think i actually have the places to store things now.  but i don’t know what things i should pack away.  i love all of my dishes and bowls!

i still have nothing deeply profound to write.  i like it that way.  i’m just sorry you are reading my drivel!!!

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  1. Oh my god, a lemonade detox! Lesson learned. Sorry you had such a crazy weekend! And I love the way you store everything in your kitchen. Maybe you’ll inspire me to organize as well.

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