low point.  (slap) LOW POINT.

if you’ve seen the movie “the holiday”, you know the scene i just quoted.  the beautiful kate winslet is in her cozy little english house, crying over a guy.  she tries to asphyxiate herself with her gas stove (while making tea) and is saved by a “ding” from her computer.  she throws open her window and says those words.  it sounds depressing, but it’s hilarious to me.  i think you have to go through heartbreak like that to really laugh when you see this movie.

given my past experiences?  i freakin’ OWN the movie.

but this morning has been quite a low point, i have to say.  woke up with a terrible cold, a fever sore on the roof of my mouth?  didn’t know that was even possible.  and a fever.  had to push back work until this afternoon, but they were all really supportive.  sick is sick.  whatever.

also, had a fight with my hub.  one of those fights that you just know will never get resolved, unless i decide to stop being a girl completely, undergo a sex-change, and we just turn into beer drinking roommate buddies who watch action movies all the time.  then, the issue would correct itself.

on top of all that ~ i had potato chips and leftover tuna salad for breakfast.  none of these things are a positive way to start the day, to say the least.

how to turn it around:

think of others.  that’s what i’m going to do.  i’m going to pray for my friend who is having family troubles.  i’m going think of the peach danish i’m going to make for my friend lindsey (i call her peaches).  i’m making one for her because she wrote me the best pep talk e-mail EVER.  wish i could share it with you (whoever you are!) but it’s very flattering.  i just need to print it out and put it in my pocket for low points.  LOW POINTS.

on saturday, the hub and i are going to a back-to-school party full of music teachers.  really fun group.  so i’m going to think of a great dish to bring to that party.  i’m thinking cheesy grits?  i want it to come from the category of “soul food”.  gotta think about that for a little while.

see?  my day is already brighter!

2 thoughts on “thursday.

  1. I made the most delicious mock mashed potatoes with cauliflower.
    Basically it’s cauliflower boiled with some onion flakes soul food seasoning and 2 pkts of splenda til soft enough to blend. All of the water squeezed out. Then immersion blended with about 1/4 c of sour cream and a wedge of laughing cow cheese and a T of butter. Seriously…this will make you smile 😉

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