well, the program is over and i am a shell of a person.  but happy it’s over.  ready to tackle the loft!


it seems like it’s taking forever to figure out how to make this place sing.  but maybe i’m just changing as a person.  or maybe, now that we’ve lived in it for a year, we’ve figured the place out a little better.

do i really mean “we”?  i’m really the one who’s doing all the work and all the worrying.  but the hub is starting to come around.  maybe because he’s sick of his wife acting like a crazy person.  i just can’t live in a house that’s not organized and beautiful.  i’m a fairly messy person, but i don’t like it when i am.  i get heartburn when my surroundings aren’t purty.  that includes my studio at school, but i must save that work for another day.

i’m watching one of my favorite marilyn monroe movies this morning, while working on my kitchen.  the movie is reminding me of how obsessed i am with this era ~ i like 50’s and 60’s new york, and i love 60’s hollywood.  mirrors and silver martini shakers, glossy painted furniture with geometric lines, and feminine couture galore.

and hips!  these women have hips!!!!

our loft is definitely all modern.  the place craves clean lines and minimal decorating.  you can add one little candle to a shelf and the whole room looks overwhelmed.  i’m just now figuring this out, after loading the place up with all of our “shtuff”.  now i have to rethink even the bookshelves.  i thought a whole wall of bookshelves, with the tv nestled in the middle, was going to be the be-all-end-all of this living room.  turns out, it looks messy.  ugh.  now where do i put all these books?

and i love the way books look.  but not in here.

even the lamp protruding from the piano is an eye sore.  this is going to be difficult.  in the last few months, i have actually uttered the words “i give up” and “let’s just move”.  i think those words were the ticket for the hub to spring into worried action.  and of course i don’t mean it, but i kinda meant it.  it’s hard to transform, and keep clean, a place that’s so open, with no office or 2nd bedroom to throw everything into that you don’t want sitting out.

anyway, i love this place, so i’m going to keep working on it.  i just wish i had some money, so i could get what i need and just SHUT UP ALREADY!

but that would be cheating.

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