on the other hand…

i just wrote a dissertation on women’s lib and 50’s housewives.  see the “monday” post below.  but on the other hand, i had to quickly write that i have been greatly enjoying being a domestic maven these last couple free days!  i have cleaned, stored, thrown away, and repurposed, all over the place.

here are some pics to prove it!

i wish i had before pics, but here’s my new and improved, beautiful kitchen!

and here’s the huge eye sore storage cabinet.

looks pretty good now!  i also put a chalkboard decal on fridge for a grocery list!

notice there’s nothing written on the honey do list.  hmmm.  who is the real problem here?

One thought on “on the other hand…

  1. WOW, It looks GREAT Sarah! I’ll let Sophia know you put that one item on the shelf “way in the back” as recommended 😉

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