taking a little break to blog.  i painted this little fold-out console table kelly green and it looks so cute!!!!  can’t wait to get started on the vanity table!  i’ll add pics soon.  i forgot to take a picture of the console table, so there will be no “before”.  oh well ~ who’s reading this blog anyway?  🙂

and now i’m going to spend the last free hour of my day, tackling the bedroom.  clothes everywhere.  the closet does NOT work at all.  time to get things organized.

this all seems like frivolous decorating and domesticizing, (not a word?  it should be!) but it’s deeper than that.  when school starts, i don’t want my house hanging over my head, like a burden.  i want everything to have its place, and be in that place.  i want to come home from work, put up my feet, have a nice cup of tea, and really enjoy this space.  i want to clean the house, not just spend the whole time picking up, and wondering, “now, where does this go?”  all year, i’ve had piles.  a box of picture frames, a big stack of cd’s i didn’t know what to do with.  and so on.  it was too much for my pea-sized intellect!  i want feng shui, clean space, beauty, and a sense of “got it all together, baby”, especially when i am feeling like i don’t have it all together.  which is at some point, every single day.

on to cooking:

last night, i made pesto pasta.  spirals.  yumm.  i heard on a tv show that someone used cashews in their pesto, so i tried it.  it is so freaking good.  you have to try it.  just make pesto (use only basil ~ not parsley) and add cashews instead of pine nuts.  incredible!!!



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