i’ve been a baby lately about eating breakfast.  partly because i keep forgetting to buy my favorite toast every time i go to the store, (grains galore from farm to market bread company in kc ~  so yummy) and partly because i want to eat something healthy, but love breakfast food that’s a little more fattening and decadent.  also, i just get bored.

it’s not cool enough outside to make a big pot of oatmeal, which really sounds good to me lately.  i think i’ll wait another week on that.

so i ransacked my empty fridge this morning and just made whatever was in there, even if it was too fattening.

have you ever had eggs with jelly?  i love the salty, cheesy flavor of eggs, mixed with toast and jam, so i made it all into a sandwich.  i took a hamburger bun from the back of the fridge, and browned it in a pan with two eggs, topped with feta cheese and lots of pepper.  then, i slathered one side of the bun with strawberry-rhubarb preserves.  and made one piece of bacon in the microwave.  it’s really, really good.

and now that i’ve eaten it, i feel sick.  i think i’m really lucky in this way ~ my body is like a huge “that’s bad for you” alarm.  i guess we’re all that way, but i really hear it.  before the sandwich was gone, i started getting sick from it.  too rich, too much sugar, that nasty white bread, etc.

i feel sick every single time i eat “american” food.  i never felt bad in italy.  it helped that we always had to walk home after dinner, sure.  but me and american food don’t mix.  but what am i going to do?  i live here, and i don’t want to live in a bubble.

this is just food we’re talking about here, but sometimes i feel like i don’t belong in america.

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