last day of my glorious week off.  sure, i was sick with some weird ailment (so was the hub ~ so i know i’m making it up!) and i have had some strange low this week.  but i really did enjoy this week.  i worked on the house, started some great projects, finish a few, even!  and set some great goals for this coming year.  while i am sad that the summer has ended, i am always excited for fall ~ new school schedule, fall clothes (eventually, i hope), soups and big steamy pots of yummy stuff.  turning leaves and, let’s face it, more energy.  i’m looking forward to having more energy.  the heat took it out of me.

i’ve got some awesome gigs coming up, and i also got a promotion at work.  SUHWEET!

i have a hood of depression over me today, but i know it’s not any circumstance.  it’s just time off.  it messes with me.  although i have a thousand things i want to get done this last day, i’m still not working.  none of it is important.  so i blog.  and i watch pride and prejudice in the background.  and i take forever to get the laundry done.  whatever.

time to make the boeuf bourguignon i’m serving tonight for my friend, who is in between careers.  he stuck his neck out and quit his job, which was making him miserable, only to start down a brand new path.  very brave.  in fact, all the people coming over tonight are heroes to me.  so i’m going to focus on them for the rest of the day and make the best damn boeuf bourg EVER!!!!

and if it’s not good, which never happens because when is beef simmering in cognac and red wine ever NOT good ~ if it’s not good, there are twice baked potatoes and peach danishes!!!!  woot woot!!!

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