started working out again.  finally.  it is so hard to start back up again.  there’s a constant voice in my head, telling me i’ll just stop again in two weeks, like i always do.  it’s so toxic.  my number 1 reason for not working out is usually time.  i have a lot of time.  i just don’t want to use up the time in the morning to do THAT, versus get e-mails answered and stuff done.  but that is the stupidest reason for me, because it just took me 45 minutes to work out.  i hope to have longer, more intense workout than this one, but if i did what i just did every single day, i would feel better, at least.  and what did i miss?  45 minutes!  that’s not enough to say that i don’t have time.

i have another voice nagging me, that’s saying, “that wasn’t enough.  you didn’t do any weights.  do you really think you’ll see a difference if you just hang out on a treadmill for 30 minutes, and then stretch?”

how harsh and cruel our minds are.  why are we our worst critics?

also, for probably the first time in my life, i planned the whole week of food and bought all the groceries last night.  WHAT?  am i finally becoming an ADULT???

$96 for a whole week of meals, and here’s the menu:

monday: roasted chicken with farro salad

tuesday: leftovers of chicken and farro for lunch, and panini for dinner

wednesday: leftover panini for lunch, and fish and mac n cheese (the hub hates fish, so i sweetened the deal with mac n cheese)

thursday: white chicken chili!!!  it’s finally time for chili again!!!!

friday: leftover chili for lunch, and white chicken chili nachos for dinner

we’re all on a budget.  ANOTHER ADULT THING!  ARGH!

3 thoughts on “monday.

  1. I pretend sometimes that voice is saying those things from a stage on a mic and I get it to stop by booing until it sits the mic down and leaves the premises.

  2. I pawned my sewing machine. I think I got a Diet Coke for it. I have officially thrown in the towel on sewing.

    I do 30 min cardio and 30 min weights, 2-3x/week. Except in August, when school starts, and I have my annual mini nervous breakdown.

    I just read Pioneer Woman!

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