thanks for commenting, jen pen!!!  this girl is my best friend from DECADES ago.  ugh.  jen, we are getting older.  how could this happen to us.

jen set the standard pretty darn high for all the girlfriends i’ve had after her.

i really hope i can say that i have a workout routine as consistent as jen’s.  that is the ultimate goal.  the goal is not to lose weight ~ it’s to prove to myself that i can do this, and stay consistent at it.  i love my new gym, and it’s super close and easy to use.  i’ve also backed away from working so much.  it’s a win-win sitchiation.

tomorrow, i get blood work done ~ testing me for diabetes, thyroid, future cholesterol, you name it.  this is a great service because it’s free!  i also am having a suspect mole removed on my jaw, and a big sunspot on my face biopsy-ed.  oh boy.  and i’m turning 39 in october.  this is a lot to swallow.  i know, i know.  i have a lot to be thankful for.  and i was feeling great yesterday, until i got to work.  and then that nagging, life-long battle of depression just came roaring in unannounced.  it hit me before i could even pacify it.  i scrambled to the phone to call the hub, which is my quick fix for this kind of thing.  he was MIA for hours, which then sent me into a panic.  is he okay?  of course he’s okay.  he’s 27 years old.  when is a 27 year-old man not okay?

ugh.  i feel so old and crotchety.

but the thing is ~ i cannot wait to turn 40!  i have felt that way for years, and i still feel excited.  i always had this fantasy that i would be in the best shape of my life when i turn 40.  here’s the final countdown:  one year to realize that dream.

i’d like to add to that goal that i would like to be at a place at 40 where i can handle my emotions/depression better.  peace, contentment, happiness, generosity.


august is almost over.  i hate august anyway.  please be done, august, and take your 100 degree weather with you.  goals for september?  anyone?

1. peace and balance:  staying in the center of myself.  yoga, meditation, quiet time, reading, shutting voices out.

2. budget:  keeping up with the budget.  staying organized and not spending money in order to find #1.

3. discipline:  making food at home, working out, staying focused on the right things.

so far, so good?  do these look like yours?  i always feel like everyone has the same desires when fall starts.  get it togethuh.  that’s me.  is that you too?  or do you have it togethuh already?

One thought on “wednesday.

  1. I am half way to organized for the first semester. I chose to take on one of the many Children’s Choir projects in the early evening all this week and since my real role in this project is to make sure all the kids get into their parent’s cars at the end of the session, I have about 2 hours to write lesson plans. So my goal for this year (at least at work) is to follow my lesson plans, be prepared, and be CONSISTENT with the kids. I need to create their structure–which I’m sure you know is not REALLY my strong suit!!

    Personal goals are similar to yours. Keep losing weight, get approved for the surgery, keep the house clean and organized, take time out of my life to appreciate it and make time for Deb and me to spend time together and not get so caught up in our work that we forget each other.

    Love you Sarah. Hang in there beautiful.

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