denise, i’m so proud of you.  i guess this is SHOUT OUT week on my blog.  the comments you wonderful people make are just incredible.  i feel inspired when i hear about my longtime friend, jen, having 3 kids, a job, a hub, a house, a cello, and she works out 2 or 3 times a week?  i feel like i can do it when i hear other stories like that.

and denise is rocking it out in chicago.  making it work, as tim gunn says.  great job, denise.

well, i got my big spot removed from my cheek, as well as a nagging, possibly cancerous mole on my jaw.  it had been there since birth, but at the risk of telling you too much information, i hated it because hair would grow out of it and i wouldn’t notice until i was at a party or something, and couldn’t fix it till later.  i had no idea it was suspect, so when the doctor said, “it has to go,” i was thrilled.

three stitches on each.  i’m wounded!  scarred for life!  there’s goes my modeling career!

here’s a pic, so you can feel sorry for me.


don’t cry for me too much, though.  the doctor said i have BEEEYOOOTEEEFUL skin.  he said it was very easy to cut on.  what a charmer.

there’s something about a young, good-looking doctor, tan (from golfing, no doubt) ~ that just makes me want to punch him in the face.  lucky duck.

i’ll post a pic when it’s all healed and i am sans spot/sans stitches.

i have to go to school today ~ i’m going to tell everyone that i got into a fight with my hub.  heh heh heh…




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  1. yes, i heard that today! i can’t apply anything until the stitches are out, but i’m going to do that when they come out…

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