yesterday, i attempted to make a bolero jacket, with some kind of devil fabric from hell.  my sewing machine literally LAUGHED at me when i asked it to make a nice seam.  it sputtered and pulled at the thread, and puked out some sort of goop instead.

i don’t blame my machine.  it was crap fabric.  but now, i have nothing to take to my rehearsal today, to show the ladies what we might be making for our season.  oh well.  i’ll take pictures of jackets made by people who CAN sew.

on a good note:  it’s raining.  i am obsessed with rain, and haven’t seen or felt it since early may.  it usually calms me.  not sure it can work its magic this morning, but then again, is calm really what i’m looking for, every day of my life?  am i really going to expect some kind of zen peace from God every single day?

i have asked God for peace my whole life.  every time you ask for you it, you get it.  in tiny little increments.  but you have to work for long-term peace.  i mean, that’s just my opinion.  i’m not quoting the Bible or anything.  i just know that you can do things in your day to promote peace and balance, and you can do things in your day that instantly make peace vanish into thin air.

checking my e-mail first thing in the morning is NOT a peace promoter.

blessed are the checkers of e-mail first thing in the morning; for they shall NOT inherit peace.

i also don’t like to wake up in the morning and think about the butt ugly jacket i made yesterday.  AKA don’t look back at yesterday’s failures.  weeping over bad sewing skills may endure for the night, but joy (and pancakes) come in the morning.

i hope no one is offended by my Bible-bending verses.  i was tortured as a child ~ i was on a Bible quiz team.  don’t think i’ve quite gotten over it.

on that note, i’m going to church this morning, to pinch hit in the soprano section at the hub’s church.  it is an awesome church!  it’ll feel good to get away from the piles of music i need to practice, my to-do lists, my messy kitchen…my angry sewing machine.

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