woke up late.  headache.  stitches hurt.  i should have asked the doctor if i could sing with these stitches on my jaw.  i really drop my jaw and open my mouth, like a good singer should do.  i feel like i ripped it yesterday in rehearsal.

i’m just not ready for monday.  i thought i would have time last night to prepare for the week, but instead, i’m running late this morning, with nothing done.

but of course, that never stops me from blogging.

because that’s SOOOOO important.

guess i should get in the shower, but i just want to write one thing.  i’m getting tired of waking up in a different mood every single day.  it’s starting to wear on me.  i get up and feel amazing and conquer the world one day, for no reason.  and then the next day i wake up and i feel like the whole world is resting on my brain.  my head hurts, my attitude is crappy, i just wake up on the wrong side of the mood swing.  but why?  the mood is set even before i open my eyes and i either fight the bad mood all day, or i sail through the day because i feel so good.  there’s no rhyme or reason to it.

anyway, today, i feel like a truck hit me.  whatever.  by the end of the day, i’ll be jumping around, having taught all day, so happy about it all.  i guess.

i don’t get it.  i don’t want to be a robot, but i also don’t want to be so swingy.  you know?  actually, i would LOVE to be a robot.  i wouldn’t get in my own way so much!

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