DENISE!  i loved that song so much that i bought a whole cd of her.  she rocks!!!  love her voice!

today is the first day i am feeling the gratification of reducing my schedule.  it is truly glorious.  if i had decided to work on tuesdays, i would have made under $100 more a week.  and it soooo would not have been worth it, compared to how great this feels, especially after a LONG day of teaching yesterday.

today, i’m folding laundry, cleaning the house, getting some work done on e-mail, and making the rest of the week’s meals.  this is amazing.  here’s what we’ll have this week, all thanks to my tuesday off:

summer vegetable soup (this is a delicious recipe my sister sent me.  black beans and lots of veggies.  i added mild hatch green chiles and it is so good. i’ll add the recipe if anyone asks!)

wild rice and mung bean salad (with cashews, mushrooms, green onion, and a sesame oil dressing.  it’s really incredible)

i’ll prolly serve that with these hatch green chile sausages i bought on sale.  i’m going to have the hub grill all of them, and then freeze them individually.  hope they’re not too spicy for my part-swedish hubby!

i also made my fave cottage cheese  snack.  it’s cottage cheese mixed with green pepper, green onion, s&p, and feta cheese.  i love it!  cottage cheese is SO good for you.

and then i’m making some snacks for the jewelry show i’m hosting on thursday night.  i’m just so excited that i can get all of this done today, and not have to race around after an exhausting day of teaching.

if any “real” teachers read this and want to kill me because i have the freedom to take off TWO days a week, please remember that i don’t get paid very much!  ha ha!  i really don’t.  i’m just an adjunct teacher and i don’t get any perks, like insurance, a 401k, or retirement.  hope that makes you feel a little better!!!

got lots more to do on the house and i really want the hub to walk in the door and be like, “oh yeah, this day off thing was a great idea.”

because he’s one of those teachers who would want to kill me.  he works his butt off.

BUT he’s getting some yummy food, the bills are paid every month, he never grocery shops, and his laundry is magically clean and back in the closet…


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