the hub and i have been, well, fighting over our coffee table.  that’s so sad, isn’t it?  what a waste of a perfectly wonderful marriage.  anyway, his coffee table was okay, but didn’t work in our living room.  but we didn’t have any money to do anything about it.  WELL, i went into world market, there to look for stuff for a friend who is redoing her house, and 15 minutes later, left with a great coffee table!  it’s manly, so i know the hub will like it.  and it’s the perfect size and height.

so sad that i went in thinking about a friend and left with something for me.  this reminds me of christmas shopping.

by the way, this is the type of stuff people blog about when they have nothing terrible going on in their lives.  i try not to brag very often, but my life is so ridiculous.  rewind 6 years and these blogs would have been full of confusing drivel that, upon first glance, my have looked extremely profound.  and then you would realize how desperately i was grasping for peace.

now?  i am still, and always will be in search for peace.  but there’s no crazy, narcissistic husband with a crazy opera career, getting in the way.  nothing against him:  he just needed to be with someone who wasn’t passionate about peace and balance.  that’s all.  there are plenty of those in the opera biz, so i’m sure he’s found someone like that by now, and all is well with the world.

all i’m saying is ~ i don’t have the problems i used to have.  i definitely have problems, but they’re fixable.

like my body.  oy!  my body!  but it’s okay.  i’m working out!

and my face!  oy!  but it’s healing very nicely, thank you.

the loft brought some heartburn.  not so much anymore.  worked it out.  however, i’m not in love with the all-purple-grey-white-black scenario in the bedroom.  this is all hgtv’s fault.  they give so many great ideas.

oh and my job!  oy!!  but no worries.  i’m putting my foot down and trying to say no more often.

these aren’t problems.  all of this stuff falls under the category of “tweaking”.

any “tweaking” going on in your world?




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  1. Send us a picture of this great coffee table and of your dressing table and the green table. We are way behind girl.

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