i’ve been a baby lately about eating breakfast.  partly because i keep forgetting to buy my favorite toast every time i go to the store, (grains galore from farm to market bread company in kc ~  so yummy) and partly because i want to eat something healthy, but love breakfast food that’s a little more fattening and decadent.  also, i just get bored. it’s not … Continue reading thursday.


taking a little break to blog.  i painted this little fold-out console table kelly green and it looks so cute!!!!  can’t wait to get started on the vanity table!  i’ll add pics soon.  i forgot to take a picture of the console table, so there will be no “before”.  oh well ~ who’s reading this blog anyway?  🙂 and now i’m going to spend the … Continue reading wednesday.


aaaaahhhhhhh.  complete day off.  no one around.  just me and audrey hepburn.  starting with the movie “sabrina” and then i’ll probably just make my way through my whole collection.  she is wearing the most beautiful “audrey style” dress ~ black with white polka dots.  and a black shirt underneath, to make her look “bookish”.  not working, glamour gal.  not working. i aim to spend the … Continue reading tuesday.


i am exhausted.  the weekend kicked my butt, and then some.  but this week is a whole week of hanging out with friends, finishing the apartment (completely!) and getting some ME time in.  i hate that phrase, but that’s what it is.  it’s not that i need it or deserve a week off ~ i’m just hoping this week will kick things off on the … Continue reading monday.


low point.  (slap) LOW POINT. if you’ve seen the movie “the holiday”, you know the scene i just quoted.  the beautiful kate winslet is in her cozy little english house, crying over a guy.  she tries to asphyxiate herself with her gas stove (while making tea) and is saved by a “ding” from her computer.  she throws open her window and says those words.  it … Continue reading thursday.