today’s artistic moment is brought to you by: pixy’s kitchen! a coworker gave me a recipe that was so incredible, and i personalized, vegetarianized, and veganized it this morning.  i have to share this with you.  this is so good ~ you will eat it right out of the pot.  i ate half of my lunch portion already this morning.  i couldn’t help it. ASIAN … Continue reading wednesday.


i love all the great comments!  keep them up please!  they’re beautiful! my mom mentioned the fall.  and i knew she would.  i should have added that too.  it’s such an amazing time, especially in the midwest.  i love, love, love kansas city in the fall.  it is magical.  this weekend is oktoberfest, and we live just down the street from an austrian restaurant that … Continue reading monday.


day off.  gorgeous outside.  fun with my friend toni this morning.  life is so full and rich and wonderful. so why do i feel like a wet noodle? maybe it’s a little TOO full?  i don’t think so.  i’ve got a great schedule.  time to breathe.  time to do things right and treat my body right.  maybe i’m just hormonal.  i’ve never really liked that … Continue reading friday.


tonight is taco night.  seasoned black beans, homemade salsa, guacamole, chopped lettuce and tomatoes.  would there even be room for meat anyway?  sounds so good.  i have eaten so many fiber-packed foods this week, that i feel like if there was a strong wind, it would carry me away like a helium balloon.  yesterday i heard that if you eat oatmeal every morning, it literally … Continue reading thursday.


forgive me blogger, for i have sinned.  it’s been one week since my last blog. hee hee sorry if that offends anyone.  but this totally feels like a confession booth to me.  hence the name ~ pixy’s confessional. it is absolutely GORGEOUS outside.  praise be to mother nature, who finally decided we midwesterners needed a break from the heat!!!  it’s sunny and cool out there. … Continue reading tuesday.


love me some saturdays!!!!  i have a rehearsal in an hour.  my first with the ballet and i cannot wait!  i’m nervous too, but more excited than anything.  i cannot believe i get to be on stage with ballet dancers!  aaaaagh!!!! i’m so excited that the fall has begun.  i’m rested and ready to tackle the crazy life.  it feels so good to have set … Continue reading saturday!!!


this weekend was not my finest hour.  i guess i had too much time off.  my friend amy calls it the “princess crisis”.  aka ~ is this really all there is?  i was so ambitious.  i worked so hard to be at the top of my game, and i thought i was at the top of my game.  but my checkbook tells me otherwise.  i … Continue reading tuesday.